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Tropicalia coverTropicalia

Tropicalia is a collection of poems by Emma Trelles, winner of the Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize. The book is a melodic union between the green insistence of the subtropics and the city ensconced within. Trelles’s language is detailed and startling, her poems infused with color and light, and the secret beauty of back alleys and parking lots is seamed to sorrow, hope, and land. Rock bands play among odes to Lorca and Chagall, and the hard news of protest and war lives among the simple pleasures of words and sky.”  — University of Notre Dame Press

” ‘Everything looks better in a poem,/or worse, depending on how much of the day you were able/to hoard’ That’s a typical flash of wisdom from a poet who is herself a hoarder of images, a beautifier of the Miami streets she lyrically documents. I love the immediacy and gusto of Tropicalia. I am thankful that it is ‘thankful to be standing/in the heat watching egrets.’ The world may not always ‘look better’ in Emma Trelles’s poems, but it is a better place for all lovers of poetry, thanks to her rich and heartfelt book.” — Campbell McGrath

“In Tropicalia, Emma Trelles gives us Miami—the flora, the fauna, the languages, the interstate. Her poems are luxurious and scrumptious, socially relevant, with oomph and sizzle. The buoyancy of her images and the poignancy of her direct language make Trelles the most exciting poet to emerge recently from the state.” — Denise Duhamel

For more info & reviews on Tropicalia, visit the book’s homepage at UNDP.

Little SpellsLittle Spells

“With intimate and imagistic language, the start of Little Spells offers a graceful meditation on how to write a poem, drawing us into a poetry collection filled with humor and sorrow and the bright details of a hyphen-American life. Also a journalist, Emma Trelles is a Cuban-American writer accustomed to crossing cultures, and these poems wind with equal ease between a host of settings, and with a lens trained on the magic of the ordinary. Urban hamlets are painted as fables and saints and musicians offer salvation, as do intricate women, the green wilds of Florida and a spry attention to the beauty of words.”
—GOSS183 Press


Mipoesias Magazine Mipoesias 2014

Summer 2015
Edited by Emma Trelles, with poems by David Lehman, Yaccaira Salvatierra, Sean Sexton, Julie Marie Wade, Charlie Bondhus, Sara Biggs Chaney, Catherine Prescott, Elizabeth Cross, Susan Chiavelli, Lois Marie Harrod, Ben Lucas, and Orlando Ricardo Menes.



Mipoesias Magazine Mipoesias 2015

Summer 2014
Edited by Emma Trelles & Dan Vera, with poems by Denise Duhamel, Niki Herd, Emily Ho, Ed Madden, Campbell McGrath, Laurie Byro, Joanne Diaz, Blas Falconer, Myrna Deyer Skinner, Carlton Fisher, and Francisco Aragon.



Ocho: The Travel IssueOCHO The Travel Issue

March 2009
Edited by Emma Trelles, with poems by Steve Almond, Ed Ayres,  Grace Cavalieri, Denise Duhamel, Susan Elbe,  Stacey Harwood, Jen Karetnick, Michael Hettich, Jesse Millner, Nikki Moustaki,  Geoffrey Philp, and Jacob Saenz. Cover art and design by Didi Menendez.


MiPOesias Magazine: The American Cuban Issue
MiPOesias American Cuban Issue

March 2008
Edited by Emma Trelles, with poems by Grisel Y. Acosta, Elisa Albo, Richard Blanco, Sandra Castillo, Adrian Castro, Suzanne Frischkorn, Mia Leonin, Achy Obejas, Kristina Martinez, Rita Maria Martinez, Caridad McCormick, Dulce Menendez, Diego Quiros, Hugo Rodriguez, Virgil Suarez, Rich Villar, and Kemel Zaldivar. Reviews by Kirk Curnutt, Michael Parker, and Julie Enszer.


Tigertail, A South Florida Poetry Annual. Volume III.Tigertail Poetry Annual

April 2005, Tigertail Productions
Edited by Emma Trelles, featuring poems by James Brock, Kathy Curtin, Andrea Dulanto, Gretchen Fletcher, Zan Gay, Jen Karetnick, Alexandra Lytton Regalado, Rita Maria Martinez, Didi Menendez, Elizabeth S. Miller, Lyn Millner, Diane Mooney, Nikki Moustaki, Lana Tyehimba, George Tucker and Maxine Weaver. Cover art by Ivan Toth Depeña.



Edge Guides: MiamiEdge Guides

December 2001, Longstreet Press
Author: Emma Trelles. An irreverent travel guide to Miami listing arts and cultural attractions, restaurants, shopping, nightlife and more.  One of a series that features Austin, New Orleans, and Atlanta.